Roundabouts are easy to use. Simply position your vehicle correctly and indicate where you want to go. The following basic principles apply to all roundabouts.

Giving Way

At a roundabout, you must:

  • Always travel in a clockwise direction; and

  • When entering a round about, give way to all vehicles travelling within the roundabout.

Keeping Left When driving around roundabouts

you must keep left of the central island at all times. If you intend to change lanes on a roundabout you must signal your intention to do so. However, it is safer to plan your course before the roundabout so you are in the correct position for your exit rather than changing lanes on the roundabout which can confuse other road users.

Remember that large vehicles such as buses and trucks may need more than one lane to enter or leave a roundabout.

Turning Left








At a roundabout you must:

  • Approach from the left lane

  • Indicate left

  • Stay in the left lane

  • Exit in the left lane

Turning Right or making a U Turn
  • When turning right or making a “U” turn, approach from the right lane

  • Indicate right before entering the roundabout

  • Stay in the right lane

  • Signal left, if practicable, just after you have passed the last exit before the one you wish to exit out of.


Driving straight through a roundabout
  • You do not have to indicate when you are approaching the roundabout

  • Unless road markings or signs say otherwise, approach from either the left or right lane and drive in that lane throughout the roundabout.

  • Signal left; if practicable, just after you have passed the last exit before the one you wish to use

  • Exit in the same lane in which you entered (that is, in the left lane if you entered in the left lane and the right if you entered from the right lane).